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Short Sale

Short Sales for Homeowners

Do you want to put your current situation behind you, walk away from your house and MOVE ON with your life? You may be interested in completing a Short Sale.

We are Certified HAFA Specialists (Housing Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives). We are certified in Short Sales and are recognized by government entities as specialists. Yes, we have been doing successful short sales for years, but now we have a Certification for even more confidence on the part of YOU, the seller. Please contact us for foreclosure alternatives such as the Short Sale and Deed in Lieu. Their are even incentive programs by banks to encourage the Short Sale and Deed in Lieu as an alternative to a Bank Foreclosure.

Paid In Full

One of the big advantages to complete a short sale for you is the "paid in full" status we negotiate for ALL of the loans on your property. In most cases, your lender can pursue you for the difference after a foreclosure takes place. This is especially true when you have a second loan or equity line. Don't let this happen to you! A successful short sale will allow you to move on with no future obligation.

Avoid Foreclosure

When we negotiate a short sale for you, you avoid a foreclosure mark on your credit. This makes a big difference on the effect on your credit score, and minimizes the time for credit recovery.

Relocation Incentive

Leila is a certified HAFA Short Sale Agent. If your loan qualifies for the HAFA program, you will receive a $3000 relocation incentive a close of escrow. Call for specific details.

No Cost to You

We negotiate to have the bank pay for ALL fees associated with your transaction. The bottom line is truly no cost to you.

What is in YOUR Best Interest?

Our first priority is negotiating the best possible outcome for our clients. We represent YOU and YOUR BEST INTEREST. If a short sale is not in your best interest, we will tell you and help you decide what is best for you and your family.

No Risk

It's very simple: You can cancel our contract for any reason, at any time prior to your final approval of the sale. The bottom line is that we only want to complete a transaction if it's in your best interest. If at any time you feel that you want to go a different direction, you just let us know and we cancel the deal. It's that easy.

Many people are struggling with what to do in today's market, whether they're falling behind on payments or feeling the stress of a huge mortgage on a property that's worth much less. You may be getting bombarded with advice and pressure from all different directions, but what you need is reliable information so YOU can make the best decision for your future and financial well-being. There is no cost involved in a loan modification or short sale. Beware of anyone who tells you differently.

Whether you're interested in a short sale, loan modification or another option, time is of the essence. We are honest, up-front, experienced, and have a sincere desire to help our clients.

Call or email us today if you have questions or would like to schedule a no-pressure and confidential meeting.